Bilingual Health Promotion Specialist 1-4

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Total Wellness
6728 S. Hudson
60,240.00  Annual
47,880.00  Annual
Monday to Friday; 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM


This position is located in the Community Health Division with the Oklahoma City-County Health Department (OCCHD).  The Total Wellness program's focus is on prevention through health education and referral services for adults. The employee will be responsible for conversing and interacting with various persons/groups, regarding preventative health care and health promotion including disease prevention; working with community groups, businesses, and other organizations, in both English and Spanish, to promote effective health promotion activities.



This is a summary of the duties and responsibilities commonly found within this classification. All employees must maintain a commitment to the OCCHD's mission, vision and strategic goals.  This summary is not meant to be all-inclusive, thus, other related activities or tasks may be assigned.


This position functions at the program support level (Tier 1) as defined by the Council on Linkages Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals with integration of all Core Competency Domains.  An emphasis on the following domains is important in this role:

  • Communication Skills
  • Health Equity Skills
  • Community Partnership Skills



  1. Assist in developing, presenting, and instructing educational information programs, in preventive health care, health promotion and disease prevention in both English and Spanish. 
  2. Provide educational programming and services to individuals and large groups in the community. 
  3. Assist with promotion and recruitment of various sites and volunteers for Total Wellness program.
  4. Perform medical tests such as finger stick, blood pressure, height, weight and other measurements to assess health status.
  5. Assist in designing and coordinating the dissemination of professional materials, e.g., posters, exhibits, leaflets, brochures and multimedia presentations.
  6. Maintain knowledge of class education lessons, assist volunteers and follow class participants; providing information and resources as needed.
  7. Assist in maintaining adequate inventory of supplies and materials needed for class instruction.
  8. Assist with technical assistance and consultation to personnel in developing and implementing preventive health care and health promotion activities.
  9. Represent OCCHD at health fairs, conferences, schools, and other places of public gatherings.  
  10. Operate a personal computer to prepare materials, narrative and statistical reports.
  11. Serve as a resource to staff regarding services and resources available in the community.
  12. Maintain appropriate confidentiality and follow agency guidelines and statutory regulations regarding the release of client or agency information.
  13. Travel to off-site locations to perform job duties as needed.
  14. Complete required training in support of duties and responsibilities of this position.
  15. Position requires regularly working one evening per week with occasional additional evenings and/or weekends.  Time is adjusted to maintain standard 40-hour work week. 
  16. At the direction of OCCHD Chief Executive Officer and Public Health Officer or designee, the incumbent will be assigned a variety of specific job duties and responsibilities as a member of the OCCHD Emergency Preparedness and Response Program Team, (i.e., Bioterrorism Response Program). Also, as a member of the Emergency Preparedness and Response Program Team, the employee is required to complete all necessary emergency responder training and may be designated as a member of the first-responder team.
  17. In accordance with our designation of a PHAB Accredited health department and explicit commitment to a culture of continuous quality improvement, employees will receive Quality Improvement (QI) training deemed necessary by their supervisor.



-Master's degree or Bachelor's degree in Public Health, Sociology, Psychology, Community Health or related field

-Valid Oklahoma driver license required

-Ability to translate English to Spanish and Spanish to English verbally and in writing

-Certified in CPR

LEVEL 1 - Master's degree with no experience or Bachelor's degree plus one year of related experience, pay grade 12, $1,995 semi-monthly

LEVEL 2 - Master's degree with one year of related experience or related field or Bachelor's degree plus two years of related experience, pay grade 13, $2,151 semi-monthly

LEVEL 3 - Master's degree with two years of related experience or related field or Bachelor's degree plus three years of related experience, pay grade 14, $2,325 semi-monthly

LEVEL 4 - Master's degree with three years of related experience or related field or Bachelor's degree plus four years of related experience, pay grade 15, $2,510 semi-monthly



-Skill in communicating verbally and in writing using tact and diplomacy in both English and Spanish

-Skill in using a personal computer

-Ability to deal with public in a courteous and professional manner

-Ability and willingness to assist in developing public relations materials

-Ability to utilize appropriate equipment

-Ability and willingness to maintain confidentiality and to assume responsibility for information disseminated        

-Ability and willingness to engage in public settings

-Ability and willingness to follow established policies and procedures

-Ability and willingness to assume responsibility for work product

-Skill in organizing and maintaining data and ability to complete related reports

-Ability to translate English to Spanish and Spanish to English



-Primarily indoors in climate-controlled building

-No smoking or use of non-smoking tobacco products is allowed at anytime while conducting agency business or in agency vehicles

-No use of cell phones or the use of electronic wireless communications devices used to write, send or read a text-based communication while driving a motor vehicle on agency business

-May be subject to occasional sitting for extended periods of time

-Periodically exposed to glare from computer monitor

-Subject to frequent local travel

-Occasional out-of-town travel

-OSHA category: performs tasks that involve exposure to blood, body fluids, or tissues



-Arm/hand steadiness and digital dexterity enough to operate a personal computer, Cholesterol, Hemoglobin A1c, and blood glucose machines

-Vision enough to read and draft written communications such as computer printouts, instructions, hand or machine generated documents, etc, as well as print and/or graphics on computer monitor

-Flexibility and coordination enough to operate a motor vehicle as needed

-Speech and hearing enough to communicate in person or by telephone

-Flexibility and coordination enough to bend, stoop, stand, crouch and walk to perform tasks such as setting up equipment

-Strength enough to lift and move equipment weighing up to 35 pounds



This position requires frequent contact with other employees, medical personnel, students, clients, teachers, physicians, and the general public to give and receive information and/or to provide technical assistance.  The employee may be required to occasionally deal with hostile persons.



This employee receives direction from an immediate supervisor.  Job performance subject to both general and specific review.  This position has no supervisory responsibilities, and although this position has no accountability for budget, money and materials, the incumbent may make recommendations which result in the expenditure of significant funds.



-Must have an operating vehicle available for use when field duties are required

-May be required to take the smallpox vaccination, and other vaccinations or inoculations, as a member of the first-responder team

-Will be required to work occasional evenings and weekends due to job responsibilities


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