Occupational Safety Coordinator

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Occupational Safety
2600 NE 63
65,016.00  Annual
60,240.00  Annual
Monday to Friday; 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM


This position is located in the Human Resources Division with the Oklahoma City-County Health Department (OCCHD).  The incumbent works with both the employees and supervisors to identify and help manage or mitigate the agency’s risks.  The incumbent has overall responsibility for risk management, safety, agency call down for closure due to inclement weather, ADA Coordinator, maintain employee health records, and respirator fit testing.



This is a summary of the duties and responsibilities commonly found within this classification.  All employees must maintain a commitment to the OCCHD’s mission, vision and strategic goals.  This summary is not meant to be all-inclusive, thus, other related activities or tasks may be assigned.


This position functions at the Program Support level (Tier 2) as defined by the Council on Linkages Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals in the Legal/Human Resources Program with integration of all Core Competency Domains.  An emphasis on the following domains is important in this role:

  • Policy Development and Program Planning Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Health Equity Skills
  • Community Partnership Skills
  • Leadership and Systems Thinking Skills



  1. Conducts departmental safety training and education programs and demonstrate the use of safety equipment.
  2. Coordinate educational programs including but not limited to Hazard Communications, Bloodborne Pathogens, Lockout/Tagout, Hot Work Program, Respirator Protection, Near Miss Reporting initiative, Emergency Action Plans, Confined Space Entry, Driver Safety Programs, etc. including updating employee training/certification records in the Human Resources management software.
  3. Inspect and evaluate workplace environments, equipment, and practices, in order to ensure compliance with safety standards and government regulations.
  4. Recognize and resolve occupational safety and health hazards in a timely fashion.
  5. Inspect specified areas to ensure the presence of fire prevention equipment including fire extinguishers and fire sprinkler and alarm systems, safety equipment and first-aid supplies.
  6. Responsible for annual fire marshal/local jurisdiction fire compliance inspections under municipal family planning permit requirements.
  7. Responsible for maintaining fire system monitoring contracts and being on-call to answer fire alarm monitoring calls for all fire systems.
  8. Responsible for annual and periodic fire system service/inspections for all fire systems such as: fire panel, fire sprinklers, commercial hood range, sprinkler riser and fire department connection.
  9. Investigate accidents to identify causes and to determine how such accidents might be prevented in the future.
  10. Investigate health-related complaints and inspect facilities to ensure that they comply with public health legislation and regulations.
  11. Investigate the adequacy of ventilation, lighting and other conditions that could affect employee health, comfort and performance, make recommendations for leadership.
  12. Maintain and update emergency response plan and procedures for agency employees.
  13. Maintain inventories of hazardous materials and hazardous waste, using waste tracking systems to ensure that materials are handled properly.
  14. Recommend suspension of activities that pose threats to worker’s health and safety.
  15. Provide new-employee health and safety orientations and develop materials for these presentations.
  16. Recommend measures to help protect workers from potentially hazardous work methods, processes or materials.
  17. Coordinate quarterly safety trainings for essential personnel.
  18. Develop and monitor the Risk Management Plan according to required regulatory and agency procedures and specifications.
  19. Responsible for updating and revising Infection Control manual
  20. Responsible for forklift permit certification and training for necessary staff.
  21. Assess need for and initiates Life Safety measures according to Life Safety 101 Codes.
  22. Conduct drills and exercises and provide a review of exercise results and corrective action plans.
  23. Conduct agency call down for closure due to inclement weather.
  24. Provide awareness campaigns regarding safety.
  25. Ensure all facilities are OSHA/PEOSH compliant.
  26. Maintain OSHA records and perform all OSHA/PEOSH reporting requirements.
  27. Provide support to managers regarding all aspects of health and safety.
  28. Relay any unsafe conditions and/or practices to the appropriate supervisor and Maintenance.
  29. Knowledge of the ADA and other laws addressing the rights of persons with disabilities.
  30. Responsible for handling all worker’s compensation claims, which includes filing claims, coordinating medical treatment, correspondence with our CWMP and TPA, filing and retaining related files.
  31. Attend relevant meetings (internal and external).
  32. Drives to various locations to perform job duties as needed.
  33. Completes required training in support of duties and responsibilities of this position.
  34. At the direction of the OCCHD Chief Executive Officer and Public Health Officer or designee, the incumbent will be assigned a variety of specific job duties and responsibilities as a member of the OCCHD Emergency Preparedness and Response Program Team (i.e., Bioterrorism Response Program).  Also, as a member of the OCCHD Emergency Preparedness and Response Team, the incumbent is required to complete all necessary responder training and may be designated as a member of the first-responder team.  Work closely with Emergency Response with their All-Hazard Program.
  35. Assist with design and development of various programs to employees.
  36. Generates studies and reports, policies and procedures and correspondence and memoranda.
  37. Conduct CPR training for employees.
  38. Participates on all assigned committees or work groups.
  39. Conduct ergonomic workstation reviews/assessments.
  40. Serves as backup COOP manager.
  41. Serves as backup retention records manager.
  42. Responsible for first aid kits preparation and maintenance.
  43. Responsible for updating and maintaining all employee health records.
  44. In charge of AED maintenance at all sites.
  45. Responsible for fire extinguisher inspections at all sites.
  46. Trained for fit testing of full-face masks for OSHA purposes.
  47. In accordance with our designation of a PHAB Accredited health department and explicit commitment to a culture of continuous quality improvement, employees will receive Quality Improvement (QI) training deemed necessary by their supervisor.



-Master's degree or Bachelor's degree in in employee health and safety or related field required 


-Master’s degree plus two years related experience

-Must be knowledgeable about federal, state and local safety and health laws

-Must be familiar with OSHA/PEOSH regulations

-First aid training and CPR teaching certificate

-Valid Oklahoma driver license required

LEVEL 1 - Bachelor's with three years of related experience or Master's with two years of related experience, pay grade 15, $2,510 semi-monthly

LEVEL 2 - Bachelor's with four years of related experience or Master's with three years of related experience, pay grade 16, $2,709 semi-monthly



-Excellent written and verbal communication skills with the ability to influence at all levels

-Excellent problem solving and presentation skills

-Experience in the discipline of project management

-An understanding of statistical techniques

-Ability to multi-task

-Skill in using a personal computer including Microsoft Visio, Project, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access

-Ability to use various audio and visual equipment

-Skill in accurately recording information

-Ability and willingness to develop and maintain effective working relationships

-Ability and willingness to effectively communicate with persons of diverse backgrounds using tact and diplomacy

-Ability and willingness to maintain confidentiality

-Ability and willingness to assume responsibility for work product

-Ability and willingness to follow established policies and procedures

-Ability to teach various classes



-Primarily indoors in climate-controlled building

-No smoking or use of non-smoking tobacco products is allowed at anytime while conducting agency business or in agency vehicles

-No use of cell phones or the use of electronic wireless communications devices used to write, send or read a text-based communication while driving a motor vehicle on agency business

-Subject to driving to off-site locations in varied weather

-Periodically exposed to glare from computer monitor

-OSHA category: performs tasks that involve no exposure to blood, body fluids, or tissues



-Arm/hand steadiness and digital dexterity enough to operate a keyboard and perform other essential functions of the job

-Vision enough to read hand- or machine-generated text, instructions, documents, etc.

-Flexibility and coordination, enough to operate a motor vehicle

-Speech and hearing, enough to communicate face-to-face and via telephone

-Flexibility and strength, enough to lift, move, and carry equipment and supplies weighing up to 35 pounds



This position requires frequent contact with various personnel to give and receive information.  The employee also may have contact with local, state, county, and federal officials at all levels, to exchange information and/or provide technical assistance. The incumbent interacts with a broad spectrum of socio-economic groups.  Tact and diplomacy are required in the performance of duties.  The employee may be required to deal with hostile persons on occasion.



The employee performs the job duties under the direction of an immediate supervisor.  Work product is subject to both specific and general review.  The incumbent has no direct supervisory responsibilities.  Although this position has no direct accountability for any money or materials, the employee may make recommendations which result in the expenditure of significant funds.



-Must have an operating vehicle available on the premises for daily use

-May be required to take the smallpox vaccination and other vaccinations or inoculations as a member of the first responder team

-May be required to work occasional evenings and weekends due to job responsibilities


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