Epidemiology Supervisor

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
2700 NE 63rd
84,298.00  Annual
70,248.00  Annual
M-F 8 to 4:30


This evolving position is located in the Protective Health Services Division with the Oklahoma City-County Health Department (OCCHD).  The Epidemiology Supervisor is responsible for supervising and coordinating the activities of Epidemiology staff. The employee performs the duties and responsibilities of this position in an independent manner under the direction of the Administrator.



This is a summary of the duties and responsibilities commonly found within this classification. All employees must maintain a commitment to the OCCHD's mission, vision and strategic goals.  This summary is not meant to be all-inclusive, thus, other related activities or tasks may be assigned.


This position functions at the Program Management and Supervisory level (Tier 2) as defined by the Council on Linkages Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals with a primary focus on the following Domains:

  • Data Analytics and Assessment Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Health Equity Skills
  • Community Partnership Skills
  • Public Health Sciences Skills



  1. Monitors and evaluates employee performance, attendance and leave utilization.   
  2. Administer work assignments with consideration of grant implementation and fulfillment of deliverables.
  3. Supervise employees by direct observation and review of job product.
  4. Provide input to Program Administrator concerning modifications to programs, plans, procedures, etc.
  5. Encourage the development of worksite policies that enhance the Epidemiology employees.
  6. Coordinating the work of interdisciplinary teams in the intervention and control of communicable disease epidemics and the collection and analyses of data to describe these events.
  7. Serves as member of a liaison team with the users and providers of health data in the community.
  8. Providing public health education through reports, speeches and presentations.
  9. Facilitates development and maintenance of comprehensive databases for morbidity, mortality, health status and demographic indicators for Oklahoma County.
  10. Facilitate development of the jurisdiction's Community Health Needs Assessment.
  11. Assist with designing intervention programs for the control of communicable diseases within the community.
  12. Support grant development through the identification and collection of data and associated mapping.
  13. Conduct surveillance and evaluate trends of communicable and chronic disease, and clusters of injuries.
  14. Gathering, assembling, analyzing and interpreting statistical data.
  15. Conducting investigations.
  16. Driving to off-site locations to perform job duties as needed.
  17. Completes required training in support of duties and responsibilities of this position.
  18. At the direction of OCCHD Chief Executive Officer and Public Health Officer or designee, the incumbent will be assigned a variety of specific job duties and responsibilities as a member of the OCCHD Emergency Preparedness and Response Program Team (i.e., Bioterrorism Response Program).  Also, as a member of the OCCHD Emergency Preparedness and Response Team, the incumbent is required to complete all necessary responder training and may be designated as a member of the first-responder team.
  19. In accordance with our designation of a PHAB Accredited health department and explicit commitment to a culture of continuous quality improvement, employees will receive Quality Improvement (QI) training deemed necessary by their supervisor.



-Master's degree in Public Health or related field with emphasis (i.e., completion of at least 25 graduate hours in Epidemiology) in Biostatistics and/or Epidemiology

-Four years of professional experience using epidemiological techniques (including ArcGIS)

-One year of professional experience using Biostatistical techniques

-Past supervisory experience is preferred

-Valid Oklahoma driver license required



-Skill in manipulating data, using Access, Excel, Epi-Info, or SAS

-Skill in making public presentations

-Skill in supervising employees

-Knowledge of laboratory methods and investigative techniques

-Ability and willingness to use a personal computer and required software

-Ability and willingness to develop databases for data collection

-Ability and willingness to coordinate the work of others

-Ability and willingness to communicate with persons from diverse backgrounds both orally and in writing using tact and diplomacy

-Ability and willingness to maintain confidentiality

-Ability and willingness to develop and maintain effective working relationships

-Ability and willingness to follow safe working practices and procedures

-Ability and willingness to assume responsibility for work product

-Ability and willingness to follow established policies and procedures



-Primarily indoors in climate-controlled building

-No smoking or use of non-smoking tobacco products is allowed at anytime while conducting agency business or in agency vehicles

-No use of cell phones or the use of electronic wireless communications devices used to write, send or read a text-based communication while driving a motor vehicle on agency business

-Subject to driving to off-site locations in varying weather to perform job duties

-Subject to exposure to infectious diseases

-May be subject to occasional standing for extended periods

-Periodically exposed to glare from a computer monitor

-May be required to wear a HEPA filter mask, in which case, limited facial hair is allowed   

-OSHA category: performs tasks that involve exposure to blood, body fluids, or tissues



-Arm/hand steadiness and digital dexterity enough to operate a personal computer, and perform other essential functions of the job

-Vision enough to read hand- or machine-generated data, instructions, markings, labels, etc.

-Flexibility and coordination enough to operate a motor vehicle as needed

-Speech and hearing enough to communicate in public presentations, face-to-face, and via telephone



This position requires frequent contact with other employees, physicians, and clients.  Frequent external contacts are with personnel at all levels of other agencies and with the public are associated with this position.  The employee May be required to deal with hostile persons on occasion.



This employee is under the supervision of the immediate supervisor.  Work product is subject to both specific and general review.  The employee is responsible for the supervision of Epidemiology staff. Although this position has no direct accountability for any money or materials, the employee may make recommendations which result in the expenditure of significant funds.



-Must have an operating vehicle available for use when field duties are required

-May be required to take the smallpox vaccination, and other vaccinations or inoculations, as a member of the first-responder team

-May be required to work occasional evenings and weekends due to job responsibilities


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